8 things to do in San Diego

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It was the night of Christmas eve and time to open our gifts. When it was my turn, I found a massive hand made card under the tree with my name on it. That itself was the best tear jerker gift ever. Inside the card there were photo's of Mark and I and two tickets to one of my favourite cities - San Diego, along with 3 nights stay at the Bahia Resort Hotel in Mission Bay… I was stoked! 

It was our first flight together as we’re usually meeting each other half way across the world. Flying with someone you love is so much better than flying solo. ...No one likes a stranger drooling on their shoulder. 

Once we arrived, we used Uber as the most efficient and convenient way to get around town. The Bahia Resort Hotel was a perfect location for us because it’s situated on the peninsula on the west shore of Mission Bay with endless amounts of activities, which we love.

I had been to San Diego a few times in the past but never explored Mission Bay which quickly became my favourite area of San Diego. 

Heres a list of 8 things I recommend doing around Mission Bay:

Hike Torrey Pines: 

I had to take Mark to one of my favourite spots in San Diego, Torrey Pines. It's a very easy walk where you can see gorgeous layers of unique rock formations right beside the ocean. This is a great spot to watch people soaring through the sky while paragliding. My heart dropped every time I saw someone running off the edge of the cliff and into the sky but I was also very enveous. I'll have to save that one for next time.



Mission Bay and Mission Beach are incredible spots for water activities such as sailing, surfing. boating, and jet skiing. We chose kayaking when we were there in January and it was amazing to see hundreds of jelly fish in the water along with beautiful wildlife in the area. 



There are a few public courts and Bahia Resort Hotel has great ones so we played tennis after dinner and then hit the hot tub. The video shows how badly I need to invest in tennis lessons.


Bike Rides:

I strongly suggest renting cruisers and riding along the beach. We grabbed lunch on the boardwalk and made our way to bike on the sand in the shallow areas of the water. (don’t forget to get your feet wet!) 




Wave House: 

Whether you're a surfer or a spectator, the Wave House is a great spot to check out. The 10 foot wave machine pumps 100,000 gallons of water per minute creating an endless barreling wave. If that doesn’t sound entertaining enough, the machine is surrounded by tiki bars, cabanas, and fire pits.


Belmont Park: 

Be careful, you can forget your age and get very lost and excited in this beachfront amusement park and entertainment centre. 


JRDN Surf: Sky: Spirit Dining:

The JRDN restaurant is located at the Tower23 Hotel. It has a focus on local ingredients and is a must try! The atmosphere is very upbeat and we lucked out with a gorgeous spot on the patio right next to the beach. We're used to delicious beef in Canada but this was one of the best steaks I've ever tasted.  I highly recommend trying the 10oz. American wagyu skirt steak and the roasted brussel sprouts. 


Beach Treats: 

We saw people walking with these monster cones all weekend so we made sure to indulge at Beach Treats with some monster cones and shaved ice before we headed back to Vancouver.



The trip was fully loaded with activities and we had a blast. We’ll definitely be back to San Diego soon. If you have any other recommendations on things to do in the area please comment below. If you’ve never been to SD get your butt over there! 



Stay smiling, 

Natalia Anja xox



(pardon my f o r e i g n . g r a m m a r )

*All photo's are taken on a GoPro