Game Changer - Samantha Skelly

How would you define a "Game Changer" ?


To me a Game Changer is someone who inspires people to think outside of the box. Someone who is making a positive shift in society. Someone who without intention, naturally encourages people and inspires them to grow into even better human beings.  

Although there's a lot of positive and useful information, I find social media to sometimes be overwhelming with negativity or gossip. So I wanted to highlight people who I look up to and share their message. 

This week I sat down with Samantha Skelly, founder of "Hungry For Happiness". We talked about her journey with the relationship she had with food and loving her body. Samantha shares her one message she would leave with the world. Watch the full interview here:

If you're interested in Samantha's 6 month coaching program that takes people on a journey back to their bodies, you can sign up Here! 

Thanks for watching :) 

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