Each year we create a fundraiser and try to get support from our community to make a difference in peoples lives. Over the years we have partnered with some of our favourite organizations - Project Solution Jamaica, Hope For the Nations, and the Run For Water foundation with the intention to stir up some positive energy. We have been blown away with the support these organizations have received from our friends, families, colleagues and cyber friends. To date our awesome community has raised $38,143 towards these organizations. Let's always continue to pay it forward and spread love. 


Project: SolutionJamaica  Feed 500 Kids For $5800 (Aug 2015)

Most of us are blessed and raised in a land of endless opportunities, and given the right tools to succeed to benefit in our own lives. Others around the world are not so lucky. After traveling to 15 countries in 4 months I realized that in most countries there is a huge lack of opportunity and I want to change that! 

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a very loving home, with parents who provided me with a chance to live a wonderful life, a full belly and who have inspired me and taught me it's important to give back to those in need. I wan't to provide opportunity to the kids that have the skill but have little chance to get to where they want and have the potential to be. I want to help inspire and provide a chance to someone that needs it and for so little we can make a huge difference in someones life. 

We were fortunate to be given that chance from someone in our lives. So in turn…why shouldn’t we pay-it-forward by feeding 500 children for an entire year? 

This program has been running successfully for 4 years now. Please help us keep it going. 

I'm coming forward and asking for everyone's help in raising $5800 in ONLY 7 days! (Every $1 counts!! Only $16 will feed 1 child for an entire year)

By following the link below you will be able to see pictures and video from past trips :)    www.facebook.com/ProjectSolutionJamaica

Where Does The Money Go:

We would like to make it very clear that 100% of the money raised during this campaign goes directly into the children's breakfast fund at Granville Primary School located in Trelawny, Jamaica. Any additional funds raised will go towards the scholarship program, where only $1400 can fund one child’s tuition, food and room and board for 1 year. 

An example of just how far your money will go, can be seen in the reviving of the breakfast program: There are approximately 500 children dependent on this program. The breakdown is this: to feed 500 children each morning for one year will only cost approximately $5800! We can make this difference! 

Thank you for your support!