The best-kept secret to online dating!

Are you new to the dating scene or a participant in the online dating game?

Here’s what I learned about matchmaking and the online dating world!


Meet Jane

Founder of Matchmaker For Hire

Capturing professional photos for dating profiles have become quite a popular request in my career. So I had to sit down with professional matchmaker Jane Carstens, the founder of Matchmaker for Hire. Jane has over 16 years of experience working with men and women of Western Canada. I wanted to pick her brain about matchmaking and just how important it is to have high-quality images for your dating profile.

Your image is everything when it comes to a dating profile and you literally have seconds to make an impression which can make or break meeting somebody.
— Jane Carstens

Watch the video below to find out the best-kept secret to online dating!

The process of using a matchmaking service compared to a dating app is in fact quite different. Dating apps usually use basic matching algorithms whereas a matchmaker gets down to the nitty-gritty details. For those who are serious about finding a life partner, best friend and/or soul mate (if that’s your jam) topics such as lifestyle choices, values, monogamy, visions, having children and religious beliefs aren’t usually covered when swiping left or right.

From our conversation, I learned that working with a matchmaker is like having a personal dating assistant. Which sounds pretty badass!

Nowadays, our lives can be pretty exposed to the public. The nice thing about working with a matchmaker is maintaining your privacy and letting a professional do all the work for you in confidentiality.

We live in a society where 'we just don’t have the time’… for anything! Let alone going to find ’the one’. I have a lot of single friends and clients who are busy business professionals that don’t want to go out to look for a partner or spend their time on dating apps. These people are total catches at ages ranging from the mid-20s to 70s. So if there are that many single like-minded people out there, how can it be so hard for people to meet their perfect match?

I believe that many people have a limited amount of spare time and most would rather spend their free moments participating in the real world. I’m sure many singles can relate to that.

In this video, I asked Jane about the process of working with a matchmaker and what she looks for when it comes to dating profile images. She gave us snippets of her professional insight on the hot topic of dating. Her personalized advice is priceless when it leads to romantic success!


You can find Jane and her services at and if you’re interested in stepping up your online dating game, contact our team to see if we’re a good match on your journey to love.

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