Why New Years Resolutions aren’t for me.


There I was… a mind full of ideas, working on my computer, thinking about doing all these new things I'm wanting to do but procrastinating like crazy. I kept reassuring myself "I'll do that tomorrow”.

I went for a run (Where I get my best thinking done) and realized that sometimes I slip up and easily allow myself to get overwhelmed… I put off all of these great ideas, fresh beginnings and new hobbies till the next day when today is actually the perfect time to start! 

You know that feeling when you think of something genius. When your heart starts racing, a huge smile quickly creeps up on your face and you realize you’re not only onto something, but you’re all alone and smiling like an idiot? …I realized that THAT is the perfect time to start that ‘thing’. When the idea is fresh, exciting, invigorating and you feel your heart dancing around like a 5 year old kid to Pharell William’s - ‘Happy’. …Also because I find the more you start to "think" without acting on it, the more scary and "unrealistic" the idea may start to seem. Those negative thoughts start creeping in and begin to deter you and distract you from achieving that goal. 

If you’re like me, taking the first step is the hardest thing to do because we have these built up stories in our head of how tough it will be, we could fail, we could hate it, we could be judged, or we could get hurt. Where in reality most of these stories are created from our fears or insecurities and aren't actually real. Making excuses seems easier than starting, although I find that excuses are actually more draining and time consuming than taking the leap. 

I’ve always been intrigued by New Years Resolutions because years ago I used to have an abundance of them and found that they never worked for me. I’m not stating they don’t work, I’m sure they do for some and I admire those who accomplish them. 

I’ve read quite a few articles about why New Years Resolutions don’t work for many people and these were a few common reasons why:

    •    We don’t get started right away, but instead procrastinate

    •    We don’t do the hard work and aren’t willing to fail to actually achieve them

    •    We wish them to come true opposed to working towards them


Although I love and embrace the New Year with open arms and excitement, I personally don’t set New Years resolutions. Because I’m such a scatterbrain and take on too much at once, I find what works best for me is developing a system of setting goals throughout the year and holding myself accountable for them by my actions.

Here are 10 things I recommend that work for me in achieving my goals:

1. Write your daily, weekly, monthly, annual and long term goals on post it notes (or a white board) and put them in a spot where you’ll see them every single day. Jot down why that goal is important to you. I have mine posted in my bathroom where every morning and night when I brush my teeth, I read them over and visualize how amazing it’s going to feel when I achieve each one. I’m a big believer in manifestation.

2.  Research your goal. If you don’t know how to achieve it, look it up and you can always learn anything at the wonderful school of YouTube.

3.  Share your goals. Whether it be a conversation with a friend, new acquaintance or posting it on your Facebook wall. Put it out into the universe…People want to help you!

4. Mute that annoying little voice in your head every time any negative or discouraging thoughts creep up. 

5. Focus on the present and ask yourself, “What’s the one thing you can do today, right now, towards your goal?”

6. Alter your statements. Change the “I want to” to “I will”

7. Stop procrastinating. Write a daily ‘to do’ list in order of importance and allow yourself to focus on each one. If something pops up in your mind, add it to the list, don’t let yourself get distracted.

8. Don’t check your phone or open your computer until you’re out of bed and ready for your day. This prevents so much unnecessary wasted time on social media and allows more valuable time towards your day. Same goes for night time. Once you’re ready for bed, ditch the phone (this also prevents you from dropping your phone onto your face because your hands have gone numb from endless scrolling - speaking from experience... you’re welcome.)

9. Ask for help. The worst that could happen is you hear ‘no’. But taking a chance in asking could lead to a glorious opportunity.

10. Believe in yourself. (the most important one.) 


Most of us wait until Jan 1st to start tackling that endless list of goals. I am challenging you and I to start today! 


Sending loads of love, 

Natalia xo


Pardon the

 f o r e i g n . g r a m m a r